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The Library of Alexandria

The most famous among all ancient and medieval libraries was the Library of Alexandria. Not only was it the largest in all antiquity, but also it was associated with scientific research and was frequented by scholars from all over the Mediterranean. Even after its disappearance since 1600 years ago, it continues to survive in the memory of all scholars to this day.

The ancient Library of Alexandria was an amazing intellectual adventure that promoted knowledge and openness to the other, and for seven centuries was a beacon of learning and science.

The new Library of Alexandria is a truly very beautiful building. It is located on a superb site on the historic eastern harbor of Alexandria, almost exactly where the old library and the royal palace of the Ptolemies once stood. The complex comprises three main elements: the pre-existing conference center, the new planetarium and the new building. They are all connected underground below the plaza into one large functional complex.

The Library consists of:
- The Main Library (It is a Universal Library designed to serve the public and researchers. The Library collection is displayed over 7 levels from the Roots of Knowledge to the New Technologies.
- The Taha Hussein Library (It is a facility to open doors to the blind and visually impaired. All that appears on a computer screen can be read in Braille or heard using a special program.
- The Young People Library
- The Children Library
- The Multimedia Library.
- The Microfilm Reading Room.
- The Manuscripts Reading Room.
- The Rare Books Reading Room.


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