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Traveling in Syria is quite interesting, and easy overland touring in comfortable lodges and hotels ranging from 3 stars to 5 stars can be arranged. The vehicles vary from modern comfortable cars and vans to minibuses and coaches. Driving is on good roads and highways with easy access from one country to the other. Maximum drive time from one capital to the other is two and a half hours.

All that you need is a valid passport for six months at least and Visas for each country. You can get a 24 hour Lebanese Visa at the border. Passports should not bear any Israeli stamps.

There are incredible opportunities for photography everywhere you go in this country even inside some of the mosques and public bazaars (markets) with huge amounts of wonderful Roman and Byzantine ruins in addition to the Crusader castles and other monuments.

In these countries you can use all forms of money like U.S. dollars and other currencies, Traveler checks and Credit cards. Cash machines (ATMs) are available too.

Some of the sites in Syria include:

Damascus and Aleppo
The two major cities of Syria.

Mari, Ebla and Ugarit
Very ancient city states that flourished under the rule of the ancient Semitic people.

Apamea, Palmyra, Bosra, Chahba and Souweida
Some of the best preserved Greco-Roman cities that were prosperous caravan cities along the silk road trails.

Resafa, St. Simeon Church
Very impressive deserted pilgrimage towns from the Byzantine period.

The best preserved of the deserted (ghost) villages of northern Syria

The Umayyad and Grand Mosques, the Caravan Seray, Madrases
Great examples of Islamic architecture.

Krak des Chevalier, Margat (Marqab), Soane
Among the best preserved Mediaeval Crusader castles in the world.


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