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About 81 km north of Sharm El Sheikh, lies Dahab , one of the most beautiful beaches in all Sinai because of its gleaming sand, clear waters and colorful marine life.

This pearl of the gulf actually consists of two villages, the Bedouin village of Assalah is the southern half, with the business and administrative center of Dahab to the north. Dahab means 'gold' in Arabic.

In Sinai it means golden sands, turquoise sea and off-beat cafe life.

It is a focus of tourism development, with swaying palms, fine sand and wonderful snorkeling opportunities.

Dahab has excellent hotel accommodations, but also affords less expensive housing in the village, or camping.

About 5 miles from town is the famous Blue Hole, for diving.
Towards the Israeli border is the Island of Coral, where the Crusaders built a fort.
The remains can still be seen.


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