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Land of Many Delights

Egypt, land of ancient civilization and of the promising bright future, invites you to one of the most enjoyable trips of your life. It is so easy to come to Egypt or transit it.
Situated at the crossroads of the world, Egypt is a vital junction for international air and sea traffic.
You may enjoy a trip to Egypt; a trip stimulating to the mind and pleasing to the heart, amidst immortal ancient monuments dating from some of the oldest civilizations ever created by man Pharaonic, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, early Christian and Islamic civilizations .
With the beauty of its natural, its bright sunshine and its hospitable people, Egypt welcomes and invites you to a holiday of pleasure and enjoyment, teeming with culture, knowledge, information, and a wealth of unforgettable memories that you will glean on the banks of the Nile.

With a history spanning a period of over 6000 years, Egypt's rich and splendid culture retains an indisputable place in the history books and ensures it holds a very special appeal for the discerning visitors. Egypt bears incredible legacies amazing past civilizations.
The Pyramids, the Tomb of Tutankhamon, the Valley of the Kings, Queens and Nobles, these reminders of the Great Pharaohs and Power of Egypt are as awesome as the Eternal Nile.
A land of lush green vegetation, stark and quiet deserts. A country of humble villages unchanged by time and also the cosmopolitan-metropolis of Cairo, a reflection of changing time itself.

Don't forget as you roam the cities and ancient monuments, to give some attention to the living context of the past. Search for those continuities and patterns that will help you comprehend the modern heirs of those who built and died here… so long ago. Therefore, with a unique and exotic backdrop, Egypt promises to fascinate and satisfy the most vivid imaginations, creating a chance for exploration and leisure… an opportunity to enrich the soul.
Egypt is definitely a land of many delights. People were marveling at its wonders almost four thousand years ago. Its great natural beauty is offset by the pedigree of its incredible historic tradition and the charm of its modern cities, as well as its quaint countryside villages. There is something in Egypt for everyone, and a visit to Egypt promises to be an experience whose memories you will cherish.
There is so much to do and see all over Egypt – this lovely warm land with its charming and hospitable people. Your one and only problem is likely to be time – you may never want to leave.

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