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The town of Edfu is located on the west back of the Nile River, 60 miles south of Luxor and 65 miles north of Aswan.
Its ancient name was Wetjeset-Hrw, or "The Place Where Horus is Extolled".
The modern Arabic name of Edfu is derived from the ancient Egyptian name Djeba, or Etbo in Coptic. Djeba meant "Retribution Town", since the enemies of the god were brought to justice therein. The site of ancient Djeba was the traditional location of the mythological battle between the gods of Horus and Set.

Idfu was the Greek city of Apollinopolis Magna, and is a religious and commercial center.
It is a friendly town which produces surgar and pottery. It is also a hub of a road network.
It was the capital of the second nome (Horus) of Upper Egypt.

The main attraction here is the Temple of Horus, which is considered by most to be the best preserved cult temple in Egypt, but there is a mound of rubble to the west of the Temple which is probably the original old city of Djeba.
It was the capital of the second nome (Horus) of Upper Egypt. Here it was found Old Kingdom mastabas and Byzantine house.


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