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Egypt is probably one of the oldest vacation spots. Early Greeks, Romans and others went there just for fun, and to see the wonders of some of mankind's earliest triumphs.
Egypt, the land of the finest ancient civilizations and of the promising bright future invites you to one of the most enjoyable trips of your life.
When you visit Egypt, you will discover the mater of ancient treasures, the natural beauty, the golden dunes of the Sahara and the holy land of Mount Sinai.
But Egypt is much more than Pyramids and monuments. It is also Red Sea scuba diving, hot night spots, luxury hotels and five star restaurants. It is romantic cruises down the Nile on festive river boats, a night at the grand opera and it is a cultural experience like none you have ever experienced. Egypt is a land bustling with life, sound, visual beauty and excitement. But most of all, you will be impressed by the warmth, generosity and hospitality of her people.
More than anything else, we want you to think of Egypt as fun. For thousands of years, it has been the playground of emperors and kings, and we hope you will take the time to find out why.

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