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1. Ras Abu Soma

Reef lying in front of the shore sloping gently and offers numerous quality dive sites. Several caves with sweepers, schooling reef fish and occasional sightings of eagle rays.

2. Tobia Arba
Also named the 'seven pillars', rising from a sandy bottom and display a fascinating landscape of soft corals, glassfish, gorgonians. Giant puffer fish, bluespotted rays and octopus.

3. Tobia Kebira
Isolated reef emerges from a shallow sandy depth and offers interesting diving with schooling fish, morays and groupers.

4. Tobia Soraya
Stretching out from Tobia Island, run a chain of pinnacles with a sandy bottom in between. Stingrays, triggerfish and big shoals of bannerfish with gorgonians and acroporas in thee background.

5. Gamul Soghira
Very colourful dive with hovering sweetlip shoals, banner and butterfly fish. A small coral block wich can be circumnavigated in some half an hour.

6. Panorama Reef
One of the highlights of the area. Huge coral formation with walls dropping to over 200m. Numerous grottos and overhangs, gorgonians and soft corals. Jacks, baracudas and reef sharks often visit the area.

7. Middle Reef
Northerly reef face slopes to 30m, then plumets vertically to much greater depths. Hard coral gardens on the east and west corners with acroporas, brain and salad coral. Fun dive on the south side through the shallow laberyth of caves, tunnels and passages. Groupers, puffers and sweetlips.

8. Abu Gafan
Possibly the best dive in Safaga, a 300m long and narrow barrier features a 'plateau' in both north and south extremes. Superb wall diving with soft and black coral, giant fan and gorgeinias. Frequent sightings of jacks, baracuda and reef sharks.

9. Shaab Shear
A long barrier creates a shallow laggoon on its south side and hard coral gardens on both its east and west extremes. Porites, acroporas and fire coral with schooling jacks, snapper and tuna fish.

10. Wreck of Salem Express
Ferry carrying pilgrims returning from Mecca, sank in 1992 after hitting the reef at night. 300 victims perished in one of the greatest marine tragedies of all time. Also, home of 'Colin' the Red Seas best known frogfish.



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