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Kom Ombo

The Town of Kom Ombo is located about 41 miles south of Idfu and 28 miles north of Aswan.
Kom Ombo is the ancient site of Ombos, which is from the ancient Egyptian word 'nubt', which means 'City of Gold'.

It has been occupied since prehistoric times.
In ancient Egypt, the city was important to the caravan routes from Nubia and various gold mines.

The local industry is primarily agriculture, including irrigated sugar cane and corn.

Besides the native Egyptians, there is a large population of Nubians who were displaced from their land when Lake Nasser was created.

The major attraction here is the Temple of Kom Ombo, located on a hill west of the village. There is a wonderful view of the countryside from the Temple, and south of here is the Roman Chapel of Hathor.


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