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The Serapeum

The legendary Serapeum is where the sacred bulls of Apis are buried.
This temple was discovered in 1850, and the famous "Squatting Scribe" statue was found.
This statue is considered to be one of the greatest sculptures ever found. Another discovered statue was the statue of the dwarf god, Bes.

Worship of the Apis bull was a late development. The bull was thought to have been an incarnation of Ptah.
The sacred bulls were buried in a single block of granite that weighed between sixty and eighty tons.
All twenty-four sarcophagi had been plundered. Their lids had been praised loose and the contents taken.

There it was found the mummy of a son of Ramesses II, Prince Khaemwese.
He was in charge of the restoration of the Pyramid of Unas. He was also governor of Memphis and a high priest of Ptah. He had requested to be buried with the sacred bulls rather than a tomb of his own.


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