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El-Lahun and Hawara

The region of el-Faiyum thrived during the Middle Kingdom when the fertile area around Birket Qarun began to be developed as a pleasure-ground in which kings and high officials pursued their sports of hunting, fishing and fowling. It became so popular that the Dynasty XII kings Senwosret II and Amenemhet III chose to site pyramids here as their final resting places, at the far reaches of the existing pyramid fields to the north. Senwosret II's pyramid complex is situated at el-Lahun (sometimes called Illahun) and Amenemhet III's complex is at Hawara on the southern edge of the oasis, just off the Beni Suef to Cairo desert road.

1- Pyramid of Lahun (The Pyramid of Senwosret II )
Senwosret II's Pyrmaid is about 2 miles from El Lahun and lies in the center of a huge complex of buildings. There is a red granite funerary temple to the east which is surrounded by a mud brick enclosure wall. To the north are eight mastabas and the Queen's small pyramid. There are four access shafts to the south that led to tombs, one of which was Princess Sat-Hathor, where fine jewelry was found and is now in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. To the east are the remains of the lower temple.

2- Pyramid of Hawara
Known also as the Labyrinth, the Pyramid of Hawara (built by Amenemhet III) was the most visited sites of the ancient World. Herodotus claimed to have counted three thousand rooms in the pyramids funeral complex. Herodotus visited the pyramid during the 5th century B.C.


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