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The Temple of Dendera

Dendara is located 8 km west of Qena which lies on the Nile north of Luxor.
Due to Qena Bend, the banks of the Nile lie north and south, rather than east and west of the River.

Qena lies on the north bank, with a bridge to the other side, where Dendara is located.
The approach path to the temple is between two Roman fountains that end at the massive entry gate.

The enclosure walls are mud-brick and date to the Roman era. Within the walls are the temple, two birth houses, a Coptic Basilica, a sanitorium, a sacred lake, and a temple to Isis. The temple has a long history.
There is evidence that Pepi I (Old Kingdom) rebuilt the temple while other texts refer to reconditioning by Thutmose III, Amenhotep III and Ramesses II and III (of the New Kingdom). Additions were made during the Greek, Roman and Ptolemy periods.


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