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El Alamein

El Alamein is most notable as the place where the Allied forces of WW II gained a decisive victory of the Axis forces.
Today, the village located about 66 miles east of Alexandria is mostly a port facility for shipping oil.
However, it was once described by Churchill as having the best climate in the world.
There are several hotels and a beach resort nearby.
There is also a war museum with collectibles from the Battle of El Alamein and other North African battles.

The Museum houses specifmens of World War II weapons, as well as busts of the generals who planned the battle at Al Alamein.
Other displays show collections of uniforms and memorabilia. There are also detailed maps and charts showing troop deployment.

The only historical interest in this village would be related to WW II, and includes an Italian and German military cemeteries on Tell el-Eisa Hill just outside of town.

Marina Ruins-Alamein :
An ancient city discovered in 1985, it comprises temples, tombs baths and nobles' houses, from the Graeco-Roman period. It is the largest archaeological city after Alexandria.
The British Cemetery Thousands upon thousands of rock-hewn tombstones stand straight rows amidst a fenced garden.

The Italian Cemetery :
It is a high tower fort standing on a high hill. The walls of the building are covered with marble.

The German Cemetery :
It is a fortress like memorial that was built on a high overlooking the sea.


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