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The great temple of Abu Simbel (Ramses II):

It is one of the many relics erected by the Pharaoh Ramses II between 1300-1233 BC. It is distinguished by its main façade with four colossal statues of Ramses II sit enthroned wearing the double crown of Upper and Lower Egypt. On the doorway of the temple, there is a beautiful inscription of the king’s name: Ser Ma’at Ra, and between the legs of the colossal statues, we can see smaller statues of Ramses II’s family: his mother “Mutt-try”, his wife Nefertari and his sons and daughters. Beyond their entrance there is the Great Hall of Pillars, with eight pillars bearing the defied Ramses II in the shape of Osiris.

The temple was dedicated to the sun god Ra’ Horakhti. The most interesting being the Qadesh battle scene recording his victories over the Hittites.
It was built on a strict east-west axis so that the morning sun actually reached the innermost sanctuary at dawn. Illuminating the statues of Ptah, Amon, Ramse II and Ra’ Horakhti twice a year: February the 21st , the King’s birthday , and October the 22nd, the date of his coronation.
It is still a mystery to archaeologists how the ancient Egyptians could have designed and built such miraculous structures.


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